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Things You Need to Hear as We Enter a Second Lockdown

Things You Need to Hear as We Enter a Second Lockdown


as we thought 2020 couldn’t exceed its dismalness, the government recently
announced a second month-long lockdown that will take us through to the
beginning of December and the festive period.

time around undoubtedly seems more daunting than the first, with the gloomy
forecasts and figures that the government are throwing at us that are hardly an
encouraging reminder to us all. So, whether you’re worrying about the health of
your family, job, money OR all of these things combined, the importance of
self-care and your own mental and physical health should be just as a priority as
your loved ones.

Please see below a few friendly yet very important reminders
as we enter yet another testing period.

Don't Put Pressure on Yourself to be Productive All the Time.

It is hard to be productive in an
environment meant for relaxing - try to set up a routine for yourself by only
residing to the sofa during set breaks, instead of curling up with your laptop.
This testing time is all about learning to adapt and to create an effective
working space within your house. Remaining in your four walls for most of the
day is challenging, so it is okay not to be as productive as you may be at

It is normal to feel pressured during these circumstances.

Winter Will No Doubt Make This Time Tougher

We were lucky enough to
experience some of the best weather England has seen for years during our last
lockdown. With winter dawning upon us, the shorter and darker days loom,
meaning less sunlight, which is scientifically linked to a lower mood. This
makes the importance of taking a daily walk even more applicable, so that you make
the most of the daylight and fresh air, sunny or not. It will really clear your
mind and reset your brain.

You are Strong Enough to Get Through This

CAN do this. It may seem like a never ending nightmare but just remember that
these measures are being put in place so that we can be with our families this
Christmas. Always remind yourself of the end goal and the reasoning’s behind
this lockdown – to protect your family, friends and to get back to a better situation
for the festive period.

As we wake up today and try to go
about our daily lives, remember it’s okay to feel nervous and to understand
that these times aren’t going to be the easiest - for some, a lot tougher than
others. We are all in this together.

A reminder to you all that no
matter how worrying this current situation, we got through the last one and we
can do it again, stronger minded as we know what to expect, as well as more
positive. It all about the mindset.


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