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5 Sports That Social Distance

5 Sports That Social Distance

5 sports that social distance. Can you guess what they are?

Unfortunately sports that social distance aren’t all as accessible as you’d like. Our list we hope it inspires your to respire.

Unfortunately, no crowds which means no fun. All that aside darts is the perfect sport to play in the pub… Oh wait.
Darts following has increased year on year at a surprising rate. Maybe it’s time to Jeff Bezos yourself a darts board and take up a new sport.

Tennis is made for Covid and a 2m social distance seems a breeze. However, don’t touch each other’s balls, bring spares.
A little more high paced than the darts hopefully you can get a sweat up!

If you don’t already have a table then it’s not so much help and if you do then I guess this doesn’t help so much.

Golf is the first sport that comes to mind when thinking social distance.
All golf courses are now open so look up a local course or driving range and get yourself swinging

A suit of armor and an opposition’s sword should keep adequate distance between you and your opponent. Don’t get stuck!

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