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Tired of Managing Your Lets?

Tired of Managing Your Lets?

Being a Landlord can be a rewarding and profitable venture. However you do need to stay on top of the ever-evolving legislations and regulations that can easily trip up an unwary Landlord.

With all the current legislations that are now required it can be very hard for Landlords to keep up with these every changing laws and many are faced with heavy fines.

We often hear from seasoned Landlords that looking after their property has become almost a full-time job, fixing leaky taps and servicing boilers is easy compared to the legislative compliance. As the legal responsibilities grow and become more complex, more and more Landlords choose to appoint a professional agent to manage their property and take care of the hassle that comes with staying compliant.


Whether you’re letting out a small studio flat or multiple buy-to-let houses, employing a managing agent can take the weight of being a landlord off your shoulders. But are management agents really worth the fees?

This really depends – on how much time you have to spend on the day-to-day running of your property for one, and on how involved you would like to be.

In a world where so much is done remotely, and information on just about any subject is at your fingertips, you might question the relevance of residential managing agents. Yet to the property industry they perform a vital role

Using their knowledge, expertise and contacts, they keep properties well-maintained and legally-compliant. They make sure that vacant homes are filled quickly and that tenants find the right properties for them – keeping the rental sector buoyant and maintaining the supply of properties to let.

There’s often an emotional connection too. Where many business transactions are conducted online, having a ‘real’ person in charge of a property’s safe-keeping matters to landlords. And for a managing agent, knowing the personal story behind their landlord or tenant’s property transaction means they’ll do everything in their power to make a move go smoothly.


The benefits of property management are really self-evident and largely about time and hassle, so think about how much time you want to devote to managing your property. Also think about how much experience and knowledge you have about the practical and legal aspects of being a landlord.

One benefit of using an agent is being able to draw on their expertise in a number of areas. As letting properties becomes ever more complex, the need to keep on top of the latest rules and regulations is growing. You can probably ask your agent anything – from market rent levels to gas safety certificates and from spotting a fake passport to knowing where to find a good plumber. Landlords will, more importantly, have more freedom, more time for themselves and most importantly less stress.


  • Quicker and easier maintenance.
  • Securing better long term tenants.
  • Looking after your legal obligations.
  • Maximising your return.
  • 24 hour management.
  • Shorter periods of vacancy.
  • Peace of Mind.
  • More freedom.
  • More time for yourself.
  • Less stress.

INTERLET is currently taking these stresses away and offering all Landlords FREE Property Management for the first 6 months. This exceptional offer is only valid until 21 June 2022.


  • All our Property Managers have more than 20 years personal experience managing London properties.
  • Our service includes in-house property maintenance by our own team of tradesmen.
  • Every landlord and resident is also allocated account personnel and a dedicated portfolio manager.
  • Your dedicated property manager is available 24/7 to assist with managing your asset, retaining tenants, collecting rent and overseeing maintenance and compliance.
  • Compliance and advice on the latest regulations and the ever-changing legislative landscape.
  • Management is tax efficient, as it can be deducted as an allowable expense.
  • When choosing to work with INTERLET, you can rest assured that your property is in the best possible hands. We are proud of the excellent service we provide.


The next step for Landlords is to contact our professional Property Management team who will guide you through all the options for managing your property smoothly and efficiently.

“My name is Kerry Huxley and I have been working at Interlet for over 23 years, primarily dealing with let and managed properties. My strength lies in building relationships with tenants and rapid problem solving. I am passionate, determined and caring and always go above and beyond for landlords and tenants.

I would be happy to meet and discuss the many benefits of appointing INTERLET as your managing agent. We are here to free you from the stresses of managing your property.

As a Landlord, there's nothing more important than staying compliant and keeping your tenants safe. We are here to help you do this and take all the stress away”.

Take advantage of this one-time offer and experience FREE Property Management for 6 months!

Offer valid on any 12+ month agreement. No management fee payable until expiry of 6 month initial term.

To find out more about this FREE Property Management offer please call my direct line 0207 361 7969 or email

“It’s time for Landlords to sit back and let Interlet Property Management do the work for you!”

By submitting an application, I acknowledge that I have reviewed the privacy policy and consent to Interlet storing my personal information for the purpose of processing my job application.

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