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Area Guide - Bayswater

Area Guide - Bayswater

Nestled between Paddington, Hyde Park and Notting Hill, Bayswater is best known for its close proximity to London’s finest park, Hyde Park and for its historical Victorian white stucco architecture and private garden squares.

Bayswater is a melting pot of nationalities, one of London's most cosmopolitan areas: a diverse local population; in particular a large Greek, French and Brazilian Community. There is also a prominent middle-eastern population in the neighbouring Edgware Road.

The name Bayswater is a derivation of Bayards Watering Place where horses could quench their thirst on their way into London and was first documented in 1380. The area remained largely rural and remote until new roads and residential buildings were constructed 1830’s.

Bayswater began to gain ground in the mid-1800s, first with modest cottages and then with increasingly elaborate homes as the area became home to artists and wealthy merchants.

It was not until the mid- 19th century that urbanisation began to take place in Bayswater.

As the area grew wealthier, so the Bayswater properties became grander. Today, the most elegant properties from that time period have four to five storeys and feature white stucco and Italianate terraces.

It is impossible to discuss Bayswater without mentioning its proximity London’s greatest green space-Hyde Park, at over 350 acres, which offers lush green meadows and a whole variety of other attractions. Locals can partake in many activities ranging from swimming, rowing, boating to horse riding.

Alongside this, there’s an abundance to keep you busy- from the Serpentine Galleries in Kensington Gardens, a state-of-the-art Odeon cinema complex at Whiteleys, Waterbus canal trips and the famous Hyde Park Stables. Let’s not forget the Mitre Pub (a beautiful grade 2 building) - one of the most popular in West London!

In the past, being so close to popular locations, like the world famous Portobello Road, Bayswater had become lost and forgotten. However, in recent years, one reason the image of Bayswater has changed drastically is due to the new developments, such as The Lancasters development by North Acre Developers and currently, the Park Modern Project by the property developers Fenton Whelan.

One of the largest developments which speared on the rejuvenation of Bayswater was the rebirth of the Whiteleys department store- once the largest in the world, scheduled to be completed in 2023. This development was a collaboration between Foster + Partner and the development Manager Finchatton. This development boasts cafes, restaurants, co-working spaces, spas and residential property- from 1 bedroom apartments to palatial penthouses. This project was celebrated for bringing one of London’s most iconic and tied heritage buildings into the 21st century, similar to the new Battersea Power Station Development.

Bayswater has often been overlooked and overshadowed, however, it’s now a thriving, active community, topped with beautiful gardens, traditional, exquisite homes and a genuine sense of community- A place Interlet would recommend calling home.

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