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9 Reasons to Buy a Golf Home

9 Reasons to Buy a Golf Home

Living on or around golf courses is becoming increasingly popular for golfers and non-golfers alike, for both the lifestyle benefits and the sense of community have an unmatched appeal.

Safety and Security

Golf communities have tight security measures and most resorts are gated with 24/7 onsite security. This offers residents peace of mind for their property and their own wellbeing, while increasing the property’s value and exclusivity. Most golf property owners use it as a holiday residence.

Social Life & Community

Living in a golf community provides closer contact not only with the game but also a vibrant community plus a network of friends and acquaintances with similar interests. Resorts have social activities throughout the year making it easy to meet new people and consolidate friendships through various sporting and social events.

Property owners can invite neighbours and guests to lunches and dinners at the resort’s restaurants and clubhouse.

Active Lifestyle

Golf resorts can offer a wide choice of facilities with preferential access for residents, their families and their guests. Amenities can include gymnasiums, tennis courts, pools and other leisure activities for children. In some cases, additional business facilities are also provided to assist the growing number of professionals running their businesses from home.

Luxurious and Exclusive Locations

The vast majority of golf course properties are located in areas with beautiful temperate climates or tropical settings. These locations naturally lend themselves to the aesthetic of the community with breath-taking views and plenty of sunlight.

Even in areas where the weather is not as perfect, golf communities are designed to be visually enjoyable.

Maintenance-Free Landscaped Surroundings

You can have a home with perfectly manicured lawns, professional landscaping, and careful maintenance of your property without lifting a finger. The meticulous design of the grounds provides a luxurious landscape even if your home overlooks a sand bunker or water hazard.

Outstanding Resale Value

Homes within golf resorts are worth 19% more on average than equivalent properties outside resorts. The most valued properties within golf resorts are those with golf course views, which benefit from a 9.5% price premium compared to properties without course views. The study was conducted by European Tour Properties, a global network of 27 world class golf resorts and courses.

Rental Property Appeal

Many people with a golfing property use it as either a straight-up rental property or as a holiday home themselves and then choose to rent it out while they are not using it. This can be a very lucrative investment – even more so than usual rentals. The appeal of these properties is wide-ranging. From golfing enthusiasts seeking year-round opportunities to play, to families looking for a holiday where the whole family can be active together with an extensive range of leisure and wellness facilities on offer.

Access to Professional Events

Professional golf courses host special events throughout the year. This can include charity marches and PGA tournaments. As a resident in the golf community, you have access to the events held in your resort.

Golf at Your Doorstep

For golfers, nothing beats seeing perfectly manicured fairways from your own backyard – knowing you can jump in your golf cart and be at the first fee within minutes to enjoy a game with like-minded people.

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