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Ultra Rare Aston Martin Returns to £4.35m Kensington Home After 100 Years

Ultra Rare Aston Martin Returns to £4.35m Kensington Home After 100 Years

A 1920s Aston Martin has returned to the factory after 100 years for a photoshoot arranged by Interlet Estates, who are selling a £4.35 million house built on the former Bamford and Martin works on Abingdon Road, Kensington, London W8.

The car, built in 1924 as part of the ‘Standard Sports’ series of Aston Martins, is one of only 60 produced at the Kensington site. Also present was the most recent Vantage, the car from which the property (Vantage Place) draws its name.

“I had the idea during one of the viewings” said Federico Losurdo, Interlet’s head of sales. “I thought this was a unique opportunity to really bring out the property’s character by highlighting its really incredible history. I think agents should think more creatively, many sellers want agents to do more than just list the property online – they want proactive people who will do what’s necessary to sell their property.”

The Aston Martin is also available to buy. When new in 1924 it would have cost around £700 – more than an average house in London at the time! The car took part in the Lewes Speed Trials, it also raced at a popular ‘sand racing’ on Southport beach.

According to the historians at Aston Martin, the car is one of the best examples of an early Aston Martin in the world. This ultra-rare car is the only one in the UK.

More facts about the car:

  • It has 1.5 litre side valve four cylinder engine.
  • In its day, the top speed was guaranteed to be over 70mph – far more than the 40mph top speed of the average car at the time.
  • 60 cars were built at the factory in Abingdon Rd site, between 1920 and 1926, around half of them survive.
  • In 1926 it was purchased by a Naval Officer in the RN.

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