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Energy Crisis: Get your EPC up by 2025

Energy Crisis: Get your EPC up by 2025

Don’t wait until the new regulations force you to make upgrades to your property. Act now to insulate yourself against future requirements.

What is an EPC?

An EPC or Energy Performance Certificate tells you how energy efficient a building is and gives it a rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). It indicates how costly it will be to heat and light your property, and what its carbon dioxide emissions are likely to be.

An EPC also helps landlords by providing advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of their property. The full document will even provide landlords and managing agents with guide prices for the works needed to improve their score.

Average Performance Currently Poor

Around two thirds of all English residential stock has an EPC rating of D or lower. This is classed as Poor. Given the age of the housing stock in many English towns and cities it is easy to see why this might be.

The most likely cause for low EPCs are as follows:

Draughty doors, single pane windows and uninsulated cavity walls/loft spaces are particularly common in larger Victorian/Edwardian properties. The difficulty of conducting serious works safely, and the lack of available space or compatible hardware all contribute to a high cost for upgrades.

This largely dis-incentivises landlords from making more than a token effort.

What is the damage to the environment?

It is difficult to calculate the damage directly attributable to inefficient houses, however some 15% of the UK’s total CO2 emissions come from residential property. We all have a part to play to preserve the planet for future generations.

How to increase EPC rating

1. Boiler Upgrade

2. Loft Insulation

3. Fit Double/Triple Glazing

4. Insulating Cavity Walls

5. Install Solar PV Panels

6. Switch to LED lighting

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