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How to Sell a House in Autumn

How to Sell a House in Autumn

The period between September and early November is the busiest time of the year for the property market. People have come back from their holidays in August and decide it is time to sell or buy before Christmas. So the question is: how can I make sure my property sells before Christmas?

Well…even though the days are shorter and the British weather might not be at its summery peak, there are a few tips that we can give you.

These are our top 10 suggestions that will make your property sell faster.

Allow early viewings and weekends

This is an obvious one. Shorter days do not allow for evening viewings, it is usually not a good idea to show a property without natural light. Furthermore, people with demanding jobs will usually be available for viewings on Saturdays and Sundays – if this is something that you would consider it might accelerate the selling process.

Add some autumn colours and smells

It is always helpful to revitalise your home’s interiors based on the season. In fall, rich and neutral shades will make your space feel warm and inviting. Deep red, green and brown cushions will transform a room.

Smells are just as (perhaps more) important. Pumpkin spiced or vanilla candles are usually the go-to for homeowners. Our recommendation is Pomegranate Noir by Joe Malone - nothing will beat this one.

Turn on the heating (not too high)

The temperatures have dropped and it is important to make potential buyers feel cosy and comfortable. We do not want them sweating either.

Clear the porch and garden of the fallen leaves

This is an important one. We know that clearing the fallen leaves every day can be a big ask and a lot of work, however having a garden covered in dead leaves will automatically give an unpleasant feeling to visitors. We guarantee that doing this will put you ahead of the competition.

Wet coats and boots…inside the cloakroom please.

We all love Barbour jackets and hunter wellies, but not when they are muddy or wet. If that is the case remember to place them inside the cloakroom ahead of viewings.

Turn on the lights

This applies all year long, with the exception of June and July. Side and table lamps work especially well in autumn, they can provide much needed brightness with minimal effort. No need to overdo it, you don’t want to blind anybody…

Air out the property regularly

One problem with the wetter, colder seasons is that we do not open the windows as regularly as hotter months, understandably so. However when you are selling a property it is important that the environment feels fresh and not stuffy. Opening a few windows for 10 minutes before a viewing will do the trick.

Time is of the essence

Remember, Christmas is just around the corner. You do not want to have your property on the market in December. You should instruct an agent by mid-October so there is enough time to go through viewings and the conveyancing process.

Arrange weekly cleaning

Most people will already have this, but if you do not, it might be a good idea. Of course, you always want to present the house at its best to attract the best offers – the two things are mutually exclusive.

Pro tip: bake a loaf of bread

Studies show that the smell of freshly baked bread triggers a psychological response deeply rooted in our brains. It makes people kinder to strangers and puts them in a better mood. The great thing about it is that it works on people who are 25 as it does on those who are 65. Freshly brewed coffee or the smell of fresh laundry will also get the job done.

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